So you think you want to be a cop?

Have you really thought this through? Have you thought about what it really means to be a police officer?
Do you really think you can do the job? Trust me, law enforcement as a career is not for everyone. And everyone that starts out in law enforcement does not make it to retirement. This job is hard on some people, some make it, some don’t, it’s just the nature of the job. As you have heard other places I am sure, but it is very appropriate for Law Enforcement, “with great power comes great responsibility”. There is no greater responsibility than taking care of your fellow man and protecting those that can not protect themselves. This is the only occupation that is given the ability to take a human life if needed on a split second decision and you alone are the one making it! That is the greatest responsibility you can have in this world! Guard it with care!
Then there is always the aspect of danger. This job is dangerous. You can not stop some things and you can not predict all people, no matter how good you think you are. Police are killed every year, and many more injured. You have to live with the feeling that you will be as cautious as you can for the situation, and always be prepared to fight for your life in the next few seconds. I have been shot at, I have been in fights that were life and death. I have been to the hospital one too many times. But you have to learn to live with the knowledge that people out in the world may want to kill you just because you are doing your job!
We will cover many aspects of getting hired as a Police Officer, the requirements, process, and even the police academy. So we hope you will read on.

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